'Hands' is a heuristic approach to solving problems that uses our hands and our five fingers to help us to see our situation in a different light, redirect us to what is important and remind us to exercise gentleness and compassion towards ourselves. Based on the key processes of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, it uses simple concepts and engaging graphics so that it can easily understood by adults and children alike. #mindfulness #openness #acceptance

Good? Bad? Who Knows? A Story By Ajahn Brahm

A long time ago a King was out hunting when he cut his finger. He summoned his doctor, who was always with him on the hunt, and the doctor put a bandage over the wound. "Is it going to be alright?" asked the King. "Good? Bad? Who knows?" replied the doctor, and they carried on hunting. By the time they had returned to the palace, the wound had become infected and so the King summoned his doctor again. The doctor cleaned the wound, carefully applied some ointment and then band