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The Teen Brain

The teenage years are a time of confusion and frustration for parents. “I don’t know what happened to my loving, affectionate daughter. She keeps to herself, gets irritable and prickly when I try to talk to her and gives me attitude when I ask her to do things.” “I am fighting with my son all the time, just trying to keep him safe and out of trouble. He just doesn’t think before he acts and I’m on tenterhooks worrying about the next thing he’s going to do.” The teenage brai

Open Field

When you bring your child to an open field overlooking a cliff and tell him that he can go anywhere or do anything he wants, your child will feel frightened and insecure. He does not know where the limits are. Your child needs fences to feel safe. You are that fence and you set those limits. Your child will test you and push against your fence to make sure that you can hold firm and keep him safe. Be bigger, stronger and wiser and your child will grow in trust and confidence.

The Teen Years

Going through the teenage years is like being shipwrecked. You get thrown into the deep ocean, clinging on to a piece of wreckage, braving wave after wave. It feels like it would never end. You have to keep hanging on and staying afloat, and eventually you will reach calm water and see land. Wave by Renee Tan #teenagers #adolescence #parenting

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